Music Boosters

Although this year we will not be able to travel to competitions or go on tour, there is still so much we can do:

* Bring in professional clinicians (either in person or remotely) to work with student

* Purchase, maintain, tune instruments for out students to play

* Purchase new, small-group music - up to $15,000 worth!

* Award scholarships to seniors

* Professionally record performance to share with our remote audiences

* Provide equipment/supplies to teachers to support their teaching (remote or in person)

* Pay professional memberships for our teachers so they can tap into the latest educational news

Our program receives less than $1 per student/year from the district. Music Boosters covers the rest. And it's a lot! Please support us by selecting a membership level that best suits your family!

We sincerely hope to be able to offer live concerts, with a live audience , at some point in the year. But until we can do that, we will provide members free access to all concert-level recordings ($10 value per concert).